LiShan view

LiShan High School faculty

        The teaching of our Chinese teachers is lively and energetic.  They
improve students' reading ability, encourage students' creativity, and nurture students' literature interests and talents.

        English teachers present their teaching with multimedia activities.  They also give guidance and instruction to help students perform their English dramas.

        They also train students to participate in the 'diplomatic show.'
Math teachers, with their enthusiasm, help students to grasp 'the sense of math. 

        Social teachers broaden students' mind by viewing things from a higher and farther angle.  They teach students to employ what they learned from social science into the practical life.  They cultivate both students' national pride and global view.

        Science teachers, with their expertise and commitment, foster students’ scientific spirits and enable students to conduct esearches. Consequently, our students have won many national and international awards.

        Computer teachers spend lots of time training students to familiar with all kinds of computer tool skills and thus have achieved admirable teaching results.