LiShan view

LiShan High School features

1.      Science education as the focus of development:

Our school is the first high school in Taiwan to center its curriculum on science education.

2.      Enhancing educational innovation and elevating the quality of teaching and learning by reducing the number of students in each class:

Each grade contains 10 classes, each class 30 students. The staff is most carefully selected, good and intensive interactions between teachers and students are observed, and teaching resources are abundantly and excellently developed.

3.      Enhancing students’ knowledge of basic science with flexible curriculum and taking care of human science courses at the same time:

(1)   Establishing students’ science ability with Foundation Natural Science Courses.

(2)   Increasing basic research ability with Tool Courses.

(3)   Cultivating and forming students’ sense and interest in science research with Research Methods.

(4)   With Object Study, which emphasizes both theories and experiments, developing students’ ability to locate problems, independently study and figure out solutions as well as the ability to present the study results.

(5)   With Optional Courses, employing thinking training, cultivating affective leaning, enhancing the application of multiple intelligences, developing EQ and communication ability and promoting self-actualization.

(6)   Providing Accelerated Learning Programs for academically gifted students, including skipping certain courses, skipping a grade, and employing flexible curriculum, so as to allow the academically gifted the opportunity to autonomously plan their own learning and fully develop their learning potential.

(7)   With Human Science Courses, including Sociology, Language, Art, and Life Philosophy, enhancing students’ cultivation in human science.

(8)   Developing students’ ability to collaborate with others and establishing healthy personality with Extracurriculum.

4.      Building modern teaching facilities and enhancing teaching quality


Our modern and hi-tech building complex has the latest innovations in order to facilitate efficient teaching and administrating our school. The hallways and yards provide places for teachers and students to talk. Each student is provided with a locker in order to ensure that personal belongings are safe and secure.

(1)   Classrooms, and labs are close to the teachers' offices. This arrangement helps teachers manage their classes and enhances teaching efficiency.

(2)   There are 12 labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, three computer rooms and two language labs. We also have a distant-learning classroom, a classroom equipped for learning about the starts and planets (astrology), an observatory and a green house. Modern-equipped facilities meet the needs of our students and faculty.

(3)   The lecture hall accommodates 340 people and a large audio-visual classroom has 60 seats.

(4)   The School library includes four-story open shelves, offering different kinds of books, periodicals and magazines. In addition, the research room and audio-visual lab are available for teachers and students, and the balcony garden is suitable for taking a rest.

(5)   Ecological campus focusing on environmental protection .The natural environment, Mt. Ginmen, locating on the northern side of campus, is as rich as a forest park. Our school is the first one achieving the standard evaluation of the environmental influence. The environmental protection and ecological education are practiced and the mountain provides the best resource for ecological teaching.

(6)   Offering service to the community .Our education stresses on the concepts of responsibility and service and tries to cultivate our pupils. Our school holds various activities about cleaning up the environment of our community, maintaining and researching the computer science. We try to provide our community with abundant source and information and hope the prosperous development between our school and the community.