LiShan view

LiShan High School Campus Cruise

star of lssh

    Lishan high school possesses picturesque scenery with pleasant surroundingsand its campus was enveloped in academic atmosphere.

The school is located at the foot of Chin-mien Mountain with a broad view. Due to the size of class (around 30), both students and teachers share wide space, several times larger than the other high schools inTaipei. Exposed to such an environment, students tend to be open-minded. The campus is broad, decorated with red bricks, green window frames and gray shade walls, giving out an air of elegance. The clock tower of the library is the landmark. The campus is also equipped with accessibilities. On the east wing /side of the campus are the administration, liberal arts, science, and artistic buildings. On the west wing are the athletic field, gym, and basketball courts. In the middle is the central passage. All together provide the students and teachers a unique academic surroundings.

The science-oriented students, with the help of the experienced and enthusiastic teachers, are fully developed, both mentally and intellectually. We have Science AG class, hoping to cultivate the students with scientific potential and promote innovation of our school as well.